After-Sale Service

PEARL RIVER ENGINEERING PTE.LTD.always pursues excellence of product quality. In order to safeguard the benifits of customers, we undertake to offer the long-term (1-10 years) warranty service:


Coverage scope:

The coverage ofwarranty service varies by product category. See the form below  for details.


Warranty service period:

Thewarranty service period varies by product category, and commences from the date of receipt of goods by the buyer. See the  form below  for details.


Warranty service premise:

The buyer must show the original sales order.


Warranty service does not apply to:

See the form below for details.


Product maintenance instructions:

If you have any questions, please call our service hotline +65 62822452. Please provide your sales order number to facilitate our record inquiry.


Warranty service options 

Product category

Warranty period

Warranty service


1.5-10 years


Boards, furniture, etc.

18 months

Structureand hardware

Otherproductse.g. chair

 18 months

 Structureand hardware


 Leather/fabric sofa

5 years

Internal wood frame structure

 2 years

Spongesurface, sinking by more than 30%

 1 year

Fabricand peripheral structure (armrest and legs) 


·Over one year, additional transport charges

·If the warrantyperiod expires, service fee of $100 per time will be charged (excluding the expense on repair/replacement)


How to repair defective products?

We make a decision according to actual situation after checking therelatedproduct.

If the product complies with our warranty service conditions, we will offer the following services:

·Repair or refurbish related defective products

·Replace parts or productsone by one

·Replace similar products one by one(when old design not available)


Warranty service does not apply to:

·Products modified without the permission of PEARL RIVER ENGINEERING PTE.LTD.

·All exhibits purchased (the buyer should confirm and accept the condition of the product before purchasing)

·Products damaged due to improper use, abuse or misuse

·Products wrongly collected or assembled

·Products damaged due to use of wrong maintenance way or improper maintenance articles

·Products timeworn after normal use

·Products damaged by accident or impact

·Products damaged after being placed outdooror in humid environments

·Products used for non-domestic use (unless otherwise stated)

·Products with parasites

·Products shipped to foreign countries

·Products without sales order records

·Products not owned by original buyers